Chieko Neighbours Self Help Group,

This an implementation of DigiChama customised for Chieko Neighbours Self Help Group, for the Specific functions of the group.


It is an online chama management system, helping chamas (Groups ) Manage their group without using books or receipts books.

This Version is customised for chieko neighbours self help group, for their purpose hence registration is not available. if you are a member and your account does not work please cntact the chairman for help.

DigiChama can be customised for your chama please contact use through our company website or details given on our website, RAZOR INFORMATICS.You can also use the free version freely hosted at DIGICHAMA.



Groups decide which functions are needed based on what they do, example chieko has both sof loan and normal loans, which can all be managed, and are separated.


Our mission is to protect your privacy so that you never have to think twice about what you can or can't add on DigiChama. The systems are all encrypted to keep you away from spying eyes.

Web Based

The System is web based and responsive and can be accessed on any device with internet connection, Simplifying management of chama.


Members are notified of any and all, payments pending before time automatically, and accounts are credited by the system without the need of the treasurer.